Apedale Railway "Locos From Leeds"

May 2015

I went to The Moseley Railway Trust's Apedale site with The Birmingham Pals for the "Locos from Leeds" event on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May 2015.

I put on a display of the rifles and machine guns used during the First World War, as well as a display of armourers tools and equipment.

We had a steady stream of visitors to our displays throughout the weekend.

I took part in the battle interpretations in the site's trench system.  This was between the Pal's German Section and the British Section.

Over the weekend a number of scenes were played out, including a search for escaped German prisoners of war and their capture on a passenger train.

The audience experience was enhanced by the use of protechnics and the use of the trench railway system to transport men and equipment to and from the trenches.

The event was also atteded by The Manchesters and a group from MEKO. 

Medical support for The Birmingham Pals was provided by our associated group, The Trench Pals.

When the public had left the groups organised their own entertainment, including a shooting contest (using BB guns) and a cricket match, played with a spade and a large "Thomas the Tank Engine" ball.