Apedale Valley Light Railway
"Stoke Steam Special"

A weekend spent at Apedale Valley Light Railway and Moseley Railway Trust to mark the official launch of the run-up to
"Tracks to the Trenches 2014"
and the handover of the first copy of the reprint of The Railway Gazette's 1920 War Transport Special Edition.


Apedale Stoke Steam Special Flyer

I was at Apedale Valley Light Railway, Newcastle-under-Lyme on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September 2013 with a few members of The Birmingham Pals.

The event marked the start of the countdown to "Tracks to the Trenches 2014" - a major event at Apedale to commemorate the start of The Great War.

The Moseley Railway Trust and The Railway Gazette collaborated to reprint the Gazette's highly sought-after 1920 War Transport Special publication.  The first copy was delivered to the station in a World War 1 train under escort provided by soldiers from The Birmingham Pals. It was then presented to Richard, representing the Trust, by Christopher M A Jackson, Editor-in-Chief of The Railway Gazette.


Tracks to the Trenches 2014
Railway Gazette 1920 War Transport Special

As usual I took a collection of period guns which were on display, and I described them to members of the public, and went through the development of the weapons.

Members of the group rode on the trains on both days.

On Saturday the first copy of The Railway Gazette's reprint of the 1920 Special Edition on War Transport was presented to the Railway Trust by the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.

We provided the escort for the delivery by a train from the war period of this advance copy.


In addition to a wide variety of trains there were exhibitions of various vehicles and Morris Dancers.

Trains on display included a number of field trains.