Filming with the BBC

Photographs from the BBC filming at The Staffordshire Regiment Museum on Sunday 22 June 2014.


James, Graham and I were taking part as extras in a BBC Great War programme about the Liverpool Pals, shown on the BBC on Tuesday 5 August 2014.

The program is called "Liverpool's Giant War" and is one of a series of items based around Liverpool in the First World War.

The main character in this clip is named Arthur, played by Damian Speed.

Watch the video here.

Before filming could start we had to go to make-up, where we were made to look as if we were covered in mud and dirt.

The scenes were explained by Gareth, the Director, and Donna, the Deputy Director.  After this there were brief rehersals, and the scene was recorded.

There was a lot of time spent sitting around on set waiting for our next scene to be set up and filmed.

The weather was similar to the day being portrayed - hot and sunny.

The trench area at the museum was festooned with poppies and other wild flowers - not characteristic of the Somme at the time which was a barren wilderness due to the shelling - but still very attractive.