Black Country Day 2014

Dudley Museum - Saturday 12 July 2014



As a part of my Internship as a trainee curator with Dudley Museums I staged a small display, with the help of my family, inside Dudley Museum showing the role of the Black Country people and industries in the expansion and defence of the British Empire.

There was a steady stream of visitors during the day.

I displayed kit from various periods - the Crimean War, The Zulu War, The Boer War and The First World War, and explained the part local industries played in history.

I talked about local industries in wartime:
Gun making - Birmingham and the surrounding area.
Leatherwork - Walsall
Steel making
Ammunition manufacture (eg. Beans, Dudley)
Chain making - Dudley and Netherton.

I also talked about local army units, wearing and displaying uniforms and kit from some notable periods.

During the day there were various attractions taking place in the square outside the museum.

Dudley Museum is home to a world-famous collection of fossils, including the "Dudley Bug" trilobite.

The museum houses a geological timeline, and visitors can travel through the ages to see how life and mineral deposits developed in the area.

There are hopes to develop the area, including Wrens Nest into the Black Country Geopark -Britains' third European and Global Geopark.


The museum houses an impressive dinosaur exhibit, and the concept of "A Journey Through Time" is further enhanced by the presence of Dr Who artifacts, including an original Dalek from the 1960s television series and a Cyberman head used in the programme.