Crownhill Fort, Plymouth

May 2014

I attended the Living History Weekend at Crownhill Fort, Plymouth with the family as members of Staffordshire Living History.

I portrayed a Victorian Armourer, circa 1879.

We also displayed examples of weapons used by the British Army from 1722 until the 1960s.

In addition to the display of Armourer's tools and historic firearms we were joined by The Bluejackets who represented HMS Active in the Zulu War campaign.

Visitors were invited to participate in cutlass drill - an activity that was very popular with younger vistors.

We took part in the "Firepower through the Ages" display, demonstrating the Martini Henry rifle, the Enfield rifle, the Snider breech loading rifle, and the Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle (SMLE).

Other groups at the event demonstrated firearms from earlier and later periods.

Other groups were present at the event, including the 32nd Cornwall Regiment of Foot, a Napoleonic group, who staged an impressive camp and drill displays.

Other groups represented The Red Army, World War 2 (German and British), Historic vehicles, and a Falklands War period display.

There were also regular firings of the Fort's own cannons in the parade ground.

My new Vickers Machine Gun (gas firing) was a popular exhibit on our display, along with the gas-firing Lewis Light Machine Gun.
We stayed at the Landmark Trust's holiday accommodation at The Fort.  This gave us access to the tunnels in the Fort after the visitors had left.

Staffordshire Living History