Dim Byd

Filming for the Award-winning S4C teenage sketch programme "Dim Byd" (Nothing) at Whittington Barracks. 

Friday 23 January 2015

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On Friday 23 January I went to The Staffordshire Regiment Museum to take part , with Graham and Isaac, in the filming of a sketch for the 4th Series of the award winning teenage cult sketch series Dim Byd.

It is a welsh-speaking programme, shown on S4C.

The sketch is a part of the fourth series, and follows a story of one of the main character sets in the series - a family of clowns.

In this episode they are in a spoof of the TV programme "Who Do You Think You Are?" when they discover their Great Uncle, who was a clown, was a soldier in the First World War.  We filmed the short cut-aways where the clown was in the trenches.

We played serious soldiers in the clips, with the clown doing his usual stuff. 

The film will be processed to make it similar to the silent films of the time, such as those produced by Geoffrey Malins and John McDowell.

There is photographic evidence of clowns being present in the trenches, so the subject matter the sketches has a factual basis.

The series won the British Academy Cymru Award for Best Music and Entertainment Programme in 2014.