Haden Hill House Museum and Haden Old Hall - September 2012

Sandwell Borough Council Victorian Gentleman's residence and Tudor Hall

In September the Anglo-Boer War Staffords re-enactment group staged an event in the parkland surrounding the museum, showing members of the public the weapons and tactics used by the combatants in the First Boer War.

There were also displays of a typical British officer's dining table, the paymaster's office and the armourer's workbench.

The museum, the Old Hall and the surrounding park were open to the public.

The battle scenes were re-enacted in the park using authentic weapons from the period.  The visitors' experience was enhanced by the use of pyrotechnics and cannon fire.
The lack of any wind allowed the smoke from the black powder weapons to hang in the air, producing an atmospheric effect during the battle scenes.
The flowerbeds in the garden and park were, as usual, well cared for, and reminded me of the short period when I was employed as a Museum Assistant at the site.