Kelmarsh History Live! 2013
(Formerly Kelmarsh Festival of History)

A weekend at one of the country's largest multi-period events

The Kelmarsh History Live! event is one of the country's leading re-enactment events.

Organised by English Heritage and held in the grounds of Kelmarsh House in Northamptonshire the event covers the history of this country over a period of over 2000 years.

This year I attended as a member of the British Infantry section of the Birmingham Pals.

The Birmingham Pals infantry section joined together with other groups to perform in the arena, and also to stage displays around the camp area.

Other Great War groups attending were:
The Field Ambulance Group
The Manchester Pals
The Gordon Highlanders
The Irish Great War Society.

The Great War displays provided a small taste of what the public could expect at History Live! 2014 - the centenary of the outbreak of The Great War.
Other sections of The Birmingham Pals, such as the Medical Section, The Tunnellers, The Suffragettes (Friends) and a German were also at Kelmarsh.

Displays of equipment proved very popular with the visitors, who were eager to find out more.

The tunnellers displayed mining equipment and how it was used.

I displayed the weapons used in the campaign.  The display included:
A Magazine Lee Enfield (Long Lee)
A Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) Mark 3
A Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) Mark 3*
A P14 rifle
A Lewis Light Machine Gun

The Friends of The Birmingham Pals appeared as Sufferagettes, demonstrating in support of the camaign to allow women to vote.

Throughout the event there were different period of British history represented, and soldiers of various countries who were connected with Britain.

One favourite display was of the D-Day landings, where the ground battle was supported from the air by a Spitfire and a Hurricane.

Many periods were represented.