Night in the Trenches - November 2011

Remembering the casualties of war

Each year in November, on a Saturday evening close to Remembrance Day, a number of re-enactment groups meet at The Staffordshire Regiment Museum for "A Night in the Trenches", where members of the public are invited to join them in the trench system to experience trench warfare.

The evening starts with a parade of the soldiers - both German and British.  As they take up positions in the trenches they are joined by members of the public for a unique experience.
The public first join the German troops in their trench and experience first-hand the noises and smells of battle, the gunshots and shell explosions, as well as a simulated gas attack.

After passing through the German trench the public arrive in the British trench, where again they experience gunfire from the enemy and watch as the troops prepare to "go over the top". 

They meet the tunnelers whose job it is to mine beneath the German trenches and lay explosives.  They also see the mines rescue team.

The soldiers wait for the command to leave the trenches and march towards the German machine guns.

Small patrols venture out into no-man's land to cut the barbed wire in preparation for the attack.

World War One

65 million men mobilised

8.5 million men killed

21 million men wounded

7.7 million men POW or missing

37 million casualties

Visitors are also able to look around the field hospital, ready to treat the injured.