Night in the Trenches - November 2013

Remembering the casualties of war

Each year, close to Rememberance Day, the Staffordshire Regiment Museum have "Night in the Trenches".

At this event members of the public accompany re-enactors from several groups into the trenches at the museum where they meet British and German troops in the trenches and experiencetrench warfare for themselves.

There is also a simulated operation on a wounded soldier, carried out by RAMC re-enactors of
The Birmingham Pals.

This year the event was delayed for two weeks due to the refurbishment and extension of the trench system.

The Night in the Trenches was the first event to be held in the new trenches, and was the first opportunity for members of the public to see the work that had been carried out.

As darkness fell the re-enactors took up position for the first of six displays, each lasting one hour in total.