Night in the Trenches - November 2014

Remembering the casualties of war

Each year, close to Rememberance Day, the Staffordshire Regiment Museum have "Night in the Trenches".

At this event members of the public accompany re-enactors from several groups into the trenches at the museum where they meet British and German troops in the trenches and experience trench warfare for themselves.

The recently completed German trench was used for the first time, with my Vickers machine gun being manned by my brother James and the other German soldiers.

My other machine gun - a Lewis LMG - was used by my friend Robert in the British trench.




During the evening a total of six tours around the trenches were made by visitors.

Each tour featured a description of the lives of the soldiers in both the British and German trenches presented by the soldiers, a simulated battle, complete with blank-firing and pyrotechnics, and a brief description of the War.