Night in the Trenches

Saturday 14 November 2015

Each year, close to Rememberance Day, the Staffordshire Regiment Museum hold "Night in the Trenches" when members of the public are invited into the Museum's trenches (both British and German sections).  While there the re-enactors and Museum Educators explain what it was like to live in the trenches during The Great War.
This year I was there as a member of The Birmingham Pals Living History Association.  Several other groups from all around the country were also present to take part in the event

This year the format was changed by the museum in order to enhance the visitor experience. 

After touring the trenches and the museum the visitors were able to watch a battle re-enactment, complete with blank-firing and pyrotechnics, from the viewing platform.  They watched as British and French soldiers went "over the top" in an attempt to take the German machine gun positions.