Portmeiricon 2009

The Annual Convention of Six of One, held at Portmeirion

The Annual Six of One Convention is held in Portmeirion, North Wales - the location of "The Village" in the 1967 television series "The Prisoner".

Over the weekend many events and re-enactments take place.

Each day there is the Election Parade which reconstructs scenes from the episode "Free For All" in which Number 6 (played by me) stands against Number 2 for control of the village.

Another popular re-enactment, repeated each day, is the human chess game from the episode "Checkmate".

For this a giant chess board is marked out on the village green.

As pieces are taken they are removed from the board by undertakers, reflecting the legend that when the game was originally played the servants playing the pieces were executed as they were taken.

Members also re-enacted the Barney's Boxing Booth scene from the episode "The Girl Who Was Death".
Another popular event is "The Travelling Theatre" in which several scenes from a variety of episodes are re-enacted at various locations in the village.
The entire Convention is set in Portmeirion, the location where Patrick McGoohan filmed the outdoor scenes.