Portmeiricon 2011

The Annual Convention of Six of One, held at Portmeirion

Each year the members of "Six of One" arrive at Portmeirion in North Wales for their annual convention.

Portmeirion was the location where the 1960's iconic series, starring Patrick McGoohan, was filmed.

The convention attracts visitors from around the world who take part in reconstructions from the television programme.

Each day members re-enact the human chess game from the episode "Checkmate". The start of the game is signalled by the arrival of "Rover" - a part of the village's security system.

Election scenes from the episode "Free For All" are re-enacted each day at the convention.

In this episode Number 6 is encouraged to stand for election to become the "New Number 2". Highlights of this are the election parade and various election speech exchanges between Number 6 and Number 2.

Each convention has a central theme, based on one episode of The Prisoner.

In 2011 the theme was "The Girl Who Was Death", and the star guest was actress Justine Lord who took the role of Sonia in that episode.

A version of the "Barney's Boxing Booth" scene from the episode was reenacted to reflect the theme.

The "Touring Theatre" group stage short excerpts from a range of episodes at various locations around the village.

The whole convention takes place in "The Village" - the grounds of Portmeirion Hotel in North Wales which was the location used for the television series. Indoor events are held in Hercules Hall.

The Mini Mokes give free taxi rides around "The Village". In addition to the Mokes there are also other vehicles that appeared in the series present.