Portmeiricon 2012

The Annual Convention of Six of One, held at Portmeirion

Each year the members of "Six of One" arrive at Portmeirion in North Wales for their annual convention.

Portmeirion was the location where the 1960's iconic series, starring Patrick McGoohan, was filmed.

The convention attracts visitors from around the world who take part in reconstructions from the programme.


The highlights of the Convention include reconstructions of scenes from various episodes.

One such scene is The Election Parade(from the episode "Free For All") in which I played the part of Number 6.

Number 6 stands for election to the position of Number 2, and is followed around the village by other villagers as he makes election speeches.

After casting his vote at The Town Hall, Number 6 goes to the stone boat to continue to give speeches to the villagers.
Following this Number 6 confronts Number 2 and the real purpose of the election is revealed.

Another favourite reconstruction is the human chess game from the episode "Checkmate"

As always, the proceedings were overseen by "Rover", not to mention the sinister Undertakers, always ready to assist taken players from the board.

All the action takes place in the picturesque village of Portmeirion.

In addition to the village (hotel) itself there are many woodland walks with interesting and attractive features.

By night the village takes on a magical, surreal appearance.