Portmeiricon 2013 - The Human Chess Game

The Annual Convention of Six of One, held at Portmeirion

Each year the members of "Six of One" arrive at Portmeirion in North Wales for their annual convention.

Portmeirion was the location where the 1960's iconic series, starring Patrick McGoohan, was filmed.

Each day the members of "Six of One" are invited to recreate the human chess game from the episode "Checkmate" on the lawn - the location of the game in the television programme.
The arrival of Rover at the chess board signals the start of the chess game.

As the game progresses Number 6 and the Old Man talk.

As pieces are taken in the game they are removed from the chess board by the undertakers - a reference to earlier times when the pieces were played by the Count's retainers who were executed as they were taken out of play.

At one point in the game the Rook makes an unauthorised move.

As a result he is swiftly removed from the board by Security and, still struggling, taken to the hospital.

He is replaced on the chessboard by a substitute player.

The game then continues.