Portmeiricon 2014

The Annual Convention of Six of One, held at Portmeirion


Each year members of Six of One meet at Portmeirion for their Annual Convention - PortmeiriCon.

The 2014 Convention ran from Friday 4 April to Sunday 6 April, and was attended by members from many countries, including some from Australia and a large number from the US.

Catherine McGoohan
Election Parade
The Estuary
Catherine McGoohan

The main guest this year was actress Catherine McGoohan - the daughter of PatricK McGoohan.  She was accompanied by her daughter Erin.

Catherine talked extensively about her father, in total approximately five hours over the two main days, and shared many fascinating details about his life and work. This was the first time she had returned to Portmeirion since being there as a teenager during the filming of The Prisoner series.

The chess game from "Checkmate"

The Election Parade, from the episode "Free For All" was re-enacted on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Number 6, played by Patrick McGoohan in the series, is persuaded to stand for the position of Number 2 in the Village election.

Number 6 hopes that if he wins he will then be able to meet Number 1, and free the rest of the villagers.

I took the part of Number 2 in both re-enactments.

Battery Square

The Chess game from the episode "Checkmate" was the second re-enactment.

Unfortunately, due to heavy rain and high winds, the Sunday performance had to be cancelled.

In addition to the public outdoor events there were many indoor events for members only.

These included the interviews with Catherine McGoohan, a play by Brian Gorman, a presentation by Professor Alan Shapiro, several films of past conventions from various members, the touring theatre (moved indoors due to the weather), and the end of convention party with DC Fontana.