Preston Passions

Filming a short trench scene at Whittington Barracks with BBC North

In February a BBC North film crew arrived at The Staffordshire Regiment Museum to use the trenches for scenes in "The Preston Passions".  I was an extra in the film.

Shown at midday on Good Friday on BBC1 it tells the story of a soldier in the trenches during the Great War, and formed a part of a live major BBC production set in Preston.

The stage crew had arrived at the museum early on the morning of filming to prepare the trenches.  Extra sandbags were used to build scenery for filming different clips.

Filming did not start until early afternoon when the cast arrived and a group of schoolchildren on an educational visit had left.

Make-up was carefully photographed to ensure continuity between takes.

To re-create the wet conditions in the trenches a continuous stream of water was sprayed over the cast.

Filming continued late into the evening.

Catering was provided by a specialist mobile catering unit parked about half a mile away, and provided a wide choice of cooked meals.