Isle of Skye 2008

A week spent on holiday in late October 2008

This was the first time the family visited The Isle of Skye, although I had spent a week there a few years earlier while doing the Gamekeeper course at Rodbaston College.

The journey to Skye was wet - with flooded roads and heavy rain on the mainland and around the Lochs.

We travelled to Scotland in Tracy's new Kia Carens - it's first long journey.

We stayed at a cottage named "High Tide" at Colbost on the banks of Loch Dunvegan - on the North West of the island.

We had fantastic views over the Loch towards Dunvegan, with the beach reaching the end of the garden.  We were also able to watch the fishing boats on the Loch.

Throughout our stay the weather was changing constantly - one minute heavy rain; the next sunshine with glorious rainbows.

We also had mist over the Loch and some snow.

This area of the island was very picturesque, with McLeods Tables (flat-topped mountains) behind the cottage.

"High Tide" was about 200m from "The Three Chimneys" Restaurant where I went for a meal.

Michael Smith is the chef.

The restaurant has been listed amongst the top 50 restaurants in the world (Restaurant World magazine).

From the cottage we could look across the loch towards Dunvegan Castle.
During the week we travelled to different locations, mainly in the north and centre of the island.
The constantly changing weather and light made for some interesting photographs.
We visited Talisker and went on a tour of the distillery.
We left Skye on Saturday 1 November - but before we left we saw a spectacular sunrise over the Loch.