University of the Creative Arts - "War Boys"

Saturday 21 November 2015

I went to Apedale and the Moseley Railway Trust's trenches to take part in the filming of "War Boys".

This was a short film, made by students at The University of the Creative Arts at Farnham as a part of their degree work.

Unusually it has been made using a16mm photographic film camera, rather than the more usual digital media.

The film was made as a part of the "Fact into Fiction" module, and tells the story of two friends as children, then later as young men in the trenches where they experience the horrors of war first hand.

Filming started early on Saturday morning and continued through until early evening.

Snow had fallen the previous night, and the weather during filming was cold - the snow did not melt during the day.



I hope to have samples of the finished film here later.