Whittington Castle Multi Period Event

July 2015

I went with The Birmingham Pals took part in the multi-period event at Whittington Castle, which is located just outside the town of Oswestry on the Welsh Border.

Whittington Castle is the only Castle in the UK which is owned and run by a local community, and is the remains of a Norman home.

On Saturday the weather was good, and the event was well attended.  We put on displays of German and British equipment, took part in various arena displays, and talked to the visiting public about different aspects of The Great War.

Unfortunately it rained all day Sunday, and as a result there were very few visitors.  The different re-enactment groups took the opportunity to get to know each other.

Other items on the programme included a parade around the village and a tug-of-war contest between different re-enactment groups.
One of the groups - Britannia XIV, a medieval re-enactment group - had travelled to the event from Edinburgh.

On Sunday the weather was poor - heavy rain for most of the day.  Most re-enactors left on Saturday night.  Those who remained behind enjoyed the visitor-free day by having "Timeshift" battles and generally enjoying themselves.

The "Men in Tights" had no chance against WW1 rifles - then died again - spectacularly - when the Lewis Light Machine Gun opened up!



A very enjoyable weekend at a beautiful venue...



... an event we wish to repeat again in the future.