World War 1 Whittington

at The Staffordshire Regiment Museum

In July several groups of re-enactors met at The Staffordshire Regiment Museum to give visitors a taste of life during the times of the Great War.  I was present as a member of The Birmingham Pals group.

In addition to battle displays in the museum trenches there were other attractions such as a Field Hospital, a recruiting station and a mining section.

There were drill displays in the arena when young members of the audience were invited to participate - they, and the watching crowd, found this very enjoyable and entertaining.
The event was held over a weekend, with fantastic weather, and temperatures reaching 28°C in the shade

In addition to The Birmingham Pals, other groups were present.  They had come from all over the country, and included:
The Tommy Atkins Association
The Russians
The Territorials
The Bluejackets (Naval)
The Air Cadets and
The Museum volunteers.

Throughout the event weekend there was a steady stream of members of the public visiting the displays and groups and asking questions about the exhibits.



There were displays of firepower in the arena using guns of the era from various countries.  There were also displays of gas-powered machine guns such as the Vickers and Lewis light machine guns.




The ever-popular battle interpretation was the first day of the Battle of the Somme - 1 July 1916.

British soldiers went "over the top" towards the German troops who were in the trenches.

The British suffered over 60000 casulties that day.