World War 2 Whittington

Whittington Barracks played an important part in the Second World War, and was, for a while, home to US Army, serving as their 10th Replacement Depot

For a weekend in July 2012 the grounds of The Staffordshire Regiment Museum were taken back to the Second World War period when the Barracks had been handed over to the US Army to act as the 10th Replacement Depot in preparation for the Allied Invasion of Europe.

In addition to the US soldiers, life in the village was re-enacted, together with the Local "Dad's Army" members and French Resistance fighters. The german opponents were also represented.

Even the occasional downpour could not dampen the spirits of the visitors and re-enactors, and firing displays continued throughout the weekend.

The Museum's Trench system was, as usual, open to the public during the event.

Various self-seeded flowers added to the experience.